Did Your Fiancé Borrow Money?

What do young people say when they decided to get married? Most likely, they will actively discuss the wedding, not really thinking about the issues and situations that they can meet later. Meanwhile, people who are preparing to marry should prepare not only for the wedding, but also for responsibility. It is important to understand that now they will solve all the problems together. One of the most common problems is money, or rather their lack in the family budget. Therefore, it is one thing to decide who and how will pay for the wedding and quite another to discuss family finances. If your partner borrowed money, and even a large amount, then you will need to give it together. Even if you decide that this is only his business, it will still affect your overall family budget.

We all know that such conversations are hard to get, both for couples and newlyweds. Here it is important to understand that, having planned the budget in advance, even if it is superficial, it will be much easier for you in the future. Are you ready to talk frankly about money and debt with your future spouse? Yes, this is not an easy task, but we have a few tips on how to do it better.


Did you borrow money?

Did you borrow money?

Just want to say that you do not need to start a conversation directly asking about the salary and the amount of borrowed money. The best place to start is to discuss the general vision of your future family life.

Ask each other questions like this:

– what do you want to get from life?

– when do you want to reach the state to quit work and see the world together?

Put your partner all your goals and desires. See where they intersect. It should look something like this: “I want us to achieve something and be able to visit there together …” Or, for example, live there in such and such a house. Otherwise, your life may be like a trip without a destination.

The main thing to remember: do not give in to the desire to immerse yourself in financial conversation at any cost!

If the conversation starts right away about money, it’s like starting to say: “Well, I know I should eat these broccoli,” but very soon you will begin to ask yourself: “why should I eat broccoli? “

Therefore, to get to a constructive conversation about debt and money, it is best to start a conversation with pleasant topics.


Well? So borrowed money or not?

After you have completed this initial phase of the conversation, you are ready to get an idea of ​​what types of assets and liabilities you will take on. Yourself each one of you. Make sure you are honest and open at these points:

Well? So borrowed money or not?

– savings account

– loans, borrowed money

– credit cards (many may not consider it a loan)

– investments, real estate.

Go to important family issues that, one way or another, will also depend on your finances:

– How and by whom will the monthly payments be paid?

– What percentage of your income will you save for the future and retirement?

– Will you have a separate savings account for emergency expenses?

– How will you save to save money to buy a house?

  • When do you plan to have children?


Some more tips

If a partner borrowed money, he is simply obliged to inform his second half of this. Openness and discussion of all issues is the key to a successful and long-lasting relationship. Therefore, be sure to discuss all financial issues. Is always.

I would also like to say that being married, no one person should make all financial decisions alone. Everything should be decided mutually, by common consent. Just like the altar.

Discussing future or real finances, it is worth deciding how much each of you can count on to spend just as he pleases. It may be very little money, but they should be. You can save for any purchase for your loved one, and your partner will not blame you for the expensive purchase.

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