Payday Loan in St. Petersburg Are Growing in Quantity

In most regions of our country, the number of people who use the services of microcredit companies has been growing for several years. Leaders in this year were payday loans in St. Petersburg, which increased almost threefold (an increase of 184% compared with the same period last year).

The general director of payday loans reports that in the first half of this year in St. Petersburg, as many people have received loans as there were for the whole of last year. First of all, such growth is influenced by the widespread use of smartphones and other gadgets, with which the consumer quickly and conveniently pays for purchases in the store, pays receipts and other bills and can take a payday loan in a matter of minutes.


Experts explaination of Payday loan in St. Petersburg

Loan Experts believes that payday loans in St. Petersburg and in other cities grow in number because Russians have a lower income level, and people in such a situation can only borrow from an Payday Loan.

Experts explaination of Payday loan in St. Petersburg

It is interesting to note that, in terms of total volume, payday loans in St. Petersburg are not even included in the top three, despite their leadership in growth. Overtaking St. Petersburg, of course, Moscow, in second place is the Moscow region and the third Sverdlovsk region. After Peter, Bashkiria, the Kemerovo Region, the Krasnodar Territory, the Chelyabinsk Region, the Perm Territory, and Tataria in the tenth place are in the top ten.

The head of the ABC Bank, declares that in order for the situation on the market of payday loans to be balanced, it must be completely controlled. Specialists of the regulator daily collect and analyze information relating to this segment. According to their data, people who use loans are in a special situation and, most likely, they need help in obtaining financial education. And in order to avoid tragic situations, in no case should payday loans be closed completely, which are likely to go into shadow activity, and wage a close struggle with fraudulent organizations.

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