13 best baby apps for new parents in 2021

It’s one of those clichés that is actually true: Those early days of child parenting go by in the dark. When you are in that postpartum period and trying to adjust to life with a new baby, there is so much that comes home – plus a lack of sleep, a plethora of crying and maybe a surge in hormones – which can be difficult to keep on top of it all. But backup can be close at hand. If you are looking to track your baby’s diapers, feedings and sleep; connect with other new parents; find lullabies (or white noise) and share photos with friends and family, you can do it all with a well-stocked arsenal of naps. (Which also means you can stay up to date while rocking or feeding the baby – by making multiple requests!)

The Little Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute researched a suite of the best baby apps for new parents. What Makes a Good Baby App? In general, testers appreciated the ability to customize and tailor the app experience as much as possible to their own situation. For tracking applications, the ability to synchronize data recorded by multiple caregivers was also essential. And while many apps offered premium features for the extra money, a majority of testers found the price not worth the added value. Testers rated apps based on ease of use, performance, robustness of features and functionality, and these best baby apps rose to the top.

Best Pregnancy Tracker: The Bump

With The bump, information about your pregnancy comes in every day, along with tips from the community and experts. Plus, it has all of those fun features like the “how tall is baby?” Size comparisons. , Baby name inspiration and a place to take weekly photos of your growing baby. (Note: While The Bump topped the list, our testers also gave the What to expect and BabyCenter apps, if you’re looking for close finalists.) No cost


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Best baby tracker: Glow Baby

When you’re a new parent, you want to capture all of that data: feedings, diaper changes, solid foods, naps, sleep, and more. the Shine The Baby app allows you and a partner to record this information, then provides personalized summaries and interactive growth charts. You can also connect with the rest of the Glow community to ask all of those “is this normal?” »Questions you have. The app is free, but paying an additional fee ($ 30 to $ 80) unlocks additional features, such as the ability to sync data between multiple caregivers. (The testers also gave high marks to Baby push, Baby login and Baby tracker, although Glow Baby is clearly the favorite.) No cost


Best Baby App for Developmental Activities: BabySparks

Good what are you do with your baby all day? BabySparks offers tips for parent-child activities appropriate for your baby’s age and stage, for all babies 0-3 years old. You will also get information about what is going on in baby’s brain during these activities, and you can follow his development milestones. No cost


Best Baby App for Developmental Tracking: The Wonder Weeks

Some parents swear by Wonder weeks to help them understand why their babies are having certain moods. (Hint: These are related to certain developmental “leaps” your baby makes in the first few months.) This app gives parents information about what is happening with each leap and ways to help soothe and stimulate your baby during each. Cost: $ 4


Ideal for sleep aid: Dream Lab by Owlet

You don’t need to have an Owlet smart sock or any other product to subscribe to Dream Lab. If you have a baby aged 4 months to 12 months, you can sign up for this service and get step-by-step sleep plans, video tutorials, and access to one-on-one email support from certified sleep experts. ‘Owlet. At $ 99 the price is steep, but what price can you put on a good night’s sleep? Note: You can access it on your phone or tablet, but it is done through a web browser and not through a dedicated app. Cost: $ 99


Best baby apps for finding care: Sittercity and UrbanSitter

Both Headquarters city and UrbanSitter allows you to either browse profiles of babysitters and nannies for hire, or post a job posting and let caregivers respond to it (which is great if you’re in a last minute deadlock). The services do background checks and you can read reviews from other parents before you book. The apps themselves are free, but both sites require a monthly subscription ($ 12 / month if you prepay at Sittercity, $ 10.50 at UrbanSitter) before you can start using their services. No cost



Best Baby App for On-Demand Medical Care: Blueberry Pediatrics

You are going to have a lot of medical questions about your baby, and problems will not always arise when your doctor is available in the office. While you still need an in-person pediatrician, Blueberry Pediatrics offers live, 24/7 virtual access to doctors (and they even give you a medical kit so you can take vital signs. at home). If something goes wrong in the middle of the night, they can run diagnoses, send prescriptions, or tell you what your next steps should be while your family is still in their pajamas. The app is free but costs between $ 12 and $ 18 per month for a subscription (which, if you think about it, is lower than a doctor’s). No cost


Best Baby App for Finding Activities: KidPass

Discover local baby music lessons, ‘signs and songs’ sessions, mom and me yoga classes and more with the KidPass app – a godsend for those looking to get out and meet other families with babies of the same age. The app is free, but if you sign up for a KidPass membership, you’ll get a certain number of credits each month that you can use towards the cost of a class. Subscriptions cost between $ 50 and $ 190 per month, depending on how many monthly credits you want. No cost


Best app for making friends mom: Peanut

Finding other parents who are on the same page as you can be difficult, which is why Peanut seeks to make the whole process less socially awkward. You can meet and chat with other local moms through the app, or join groups to expand your network. Now you don’t need to have the courage to start conversations with strangers on the playground! No cost


Best Baby App for Medical Reference: WebMD Baby

You can treat this app like a tracker and use it to record diet, sleep, diapers, growth, and milestones (and, as an added bonus, the information syncs across multiple devices so multiple caregivers can use it together. tandem). But this app also has a Baby 101 section with tons of useful information on baby and toddler care, illnesses and weekly information about your baby’s changes. No cost


Best Baby App for Music: Spotify

Access tons of baby songs, lullabies and playlists on Spotify with one hand while you calm your baby with the other. You can also create your own favorite baby playlists – and find your own music and playlists, too, when you have some adult time. Spotify is free but a paid version lets you listen without ads. No cost


Best Baby App for White Noise: Sound Sleeper

No more searching for electric toothbrushes and the right combination of fans to create a soothing white noise effect for your baby. Grab this app and get all the white noise and lullabies you could ask for. No cost


Best baby app for sharing photos: Tinybeans

Many parents have privacy concerns about posting photos of their babies on social media, but of course they all want to share photos and videos with loved ones. small beans provides a secure place to store and share photos. You get unlimited storage, you can add cute elements like stickers and filters, and you can even print photo books for all the proud parents. The app is free, but paying the premium fee ($ 8 / month or $ 50 / year) unlocks more features. No cost


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