40 quotes from Lang Lang about music and hard work

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Lang Lang is a Chinese concert pianist. He is best known for several of his performances with prominent orchestras across China, the United States and Europe.

He has notably given concerts for many dignitaries from various regions of the world, including “Queen Elizabeth”, “President Obama” and “Vladimir Poutine”.

Throughout his musical career, Lang Lang has successfully achieved many prestigious achievements, such as receiving the “Golden Globe Award” for his soundtrack to the popular film “The Painted Veil” and being named one of the “100 Most People”. influential of the World ”by the very famous magazine“ Time ”.

Here is a collection of Lang Lang’s most inspiring quotes:

40 quotes from Lang Lang about music and hard work

1. “I think the music itself was the driving force.” – Lang lang

2. “There is no ranking between the masters.” – Lang lang

3. “There is a strong interest in China for classical music, but also for music in general. “- Lang lang

4. “We also recently partnered with Big Ear Games, a music learning app that encourages students to create and socialize through music.” – Lang lang

5. “I have played the Goldbergs for various great musicians and mentors throughout my life – to Maestro Christoph Eschenbach, to Maestros Daniel Barenboim and Nikolaus Harnoncourt. They have given me extremely valuable input and perspective. – Lang lang

6. “Be number one in this, number one in that, number one pianist, number one scientist. I’m not saying it’s a waste of time to compare yourself to others. – Lang lang

7. “The duet“ Sheep may safe paître ”, which I recorded with my wife Gina Alice, connects me to an unforgettable memory – our wedding day. We played it in Versailles for the first time in front of family and friends. – Lang lang

8. “The Goldberg Variations were already in my fingers when I was a teenager. It is one of the most important and complex works ever written for the keyboard, and I felt that I needed more time to develop it and also to learn the right stylistic approach for baroque music. . – Lang lang

9. “When I first came to America my teacher Gary Graffman told me to forget about those stupid rankings and just focus on the hard work on the music.” – Lang lang

10th of 40 Lang Lang quotes

10. “I really want to take classical music to new areas. “- Lang Lang

11. “It was lucky and unhappy.” – Lang lang

12. “We have now turned this initiative into a virtual weekly series, Play it forward on Instagram – with a new live performance every Friday.” – Lang lang

13. “If you can fly but never knew how to walk, wouldn’t that be sad? “- Lang lang

14. “From the start, I always tried to do more.” – Lang lang

15. “To be a pianist, you really have to train really hard. Unfortunately, this is not something we can avoid; but luckily I had someone pushing me a bit, not every day but sometimes when I didn’t want to train. – Lang lang

16. “I learned Beethoven’s early sonatas, which was really difficult at the beginning because it’s not just a totally different technique, but it requires a different kind of knowledge. “- Lang lang

17. “Each of the pieces I have recorded has been carefully selected and has a special meaning for me.” – Lang lang

18. “At one point, I felt I could take ownership of this piece and deliver my own vision of this work. After making the decision to record it, I spent several weeks with the brilliant harpsichordist and keyboardist Andreas Staier, who worked with me on important things such as ornamentation and period style of practice to prepare me. at check-in. – Lang lang

19. “I wanted to become a professional pianist. I was convinced that the way the music moves me could compensate for all these inconveniences. – Lang lang

20 of 40 Lang Lang quotes

20. “As a pianist you can’t play basketball, a sport that I used to love. Competitive sports are simply too dangerous for the hands. So we have to give up a lot of things. It certainly means a sacrifice, and sometimes you wonder if it’s worth it or not. – Lang Lang

21. “If you look at Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin, do you think of the rankings? When I see paintings by one of the greatest painters, I think his style is probably the only way. And as soon as I see another great artist, I repeat that is the only way. Each great artist is a world in himself. – Lang lang

22. “As an admirer of Wilhelm Kempff, I have known his sublime transcription of the Siciliano from Bach’s Second Flute Sonata since my earliest childhood and have always wanted to play it. I don’t know if I’ll play them live, maybe. Let’s see! “- Lang lang

23. “JS Bach has been a part of my life since I was a child. My teacher, Ms. Zhou, made me play Bach every week. – Lang lang

24. “From the very beginning, I really liked the piano. But for a child, it’s hard to see other kids having fun; when they play soccer or take vacations. – Lang lang

25. “You can’t work or play in permanent overdrive mode just because you want to make money from music or get super famous. In this case, you would probably have chosen the wrong profession. – Lang lang

26. “It makes you really happy to see a big crowd at a concert, an audience that is passionate about the music you are producing. “- Lang lang

27. “In China, everyone knows famous classical pieces such as Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata or Für Elise.” – Lang lang

28. “On ‘Music Education Monday’, we feature music lesson videos and music education tips, games, songs and activities from our Keys of Inspiration teachers, and we host many virtual courses and training. “- Lang lang

29. “It’s very interesting. When you’re in Asia, especially China, Japan, or Korea, parents pursue this ambitious type of education. They expect you to compete, and if you’re number one you’re awesome. – Lang lang

30th of 40 Lang Lang quotes

30. “It was really kind of weird playing the first eight bars – the strangest eight bars of my life, I was like, am I moving on? And then after eight bars, it was: Let’s go! – Lang Lang

31. “I think it is extremely important that children have access to music.” – Lang lang

32. “A lot of people would say to me, ‘Are you serious? Are you playing “Fur Elise?” – Lang lang

33. “The Italian Concerto which I have played many times in concert and the Sonata in D major by Johann Gottlieb Goldberg, the harpsichordist who lent his name to Bach’s Variations, were a real discovery for me. I didn’t know his music until I studied Bach’s masterpieces. – Lang lang

34. “In 2021, we continue to work on a number of exciting initiatives to bring our programs into the virtual space. Before the virus, our academics would perform in hospitals, schools and community centers to bring classical music to audiences that would normally not have access to it. “- Lang lang

35. “Bach is the perfect combination of brain and heart. His music is so logical and analytical and gives your brain so much to do. At the same time, it reaches your heart instantly. – Lang lang

36. “They said the Asians were pretty cold, that they were reserved.” – Lang lang

37. “I was actually amazed that Goldberg must have been a pretty good keyboard player.” – Lang lang

38. “Many children like to play the piano. They play all kinds of music on the piano, from classical music to popular music. “- Lang lang

39. “Gary Graffman was the perfect teacher for me at the time. I started to evolve quickly with him. Later, I met Christoph Eschenbach. It belongs to the old tradition. This collaboration was a life-changing experience. – Lang lang

40. “I felt like I was playing with the Universe. It was the biggest event ever in China. The whole world was watching. It made it an amazing night for me, especially because the main idea of ​​the show was to represent a new generation starting out – in the end I had a little girl next to me and I encouraged her to play. . – Lang lang


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