A Vandalized Fort Thomas Community Piano

FORT THOMAS, Ky. – A piano placed outdoors to be enjoyed by a northern Kentucky community has been vandalized.

What do you want to know

  • A community piano was vandalized in Fort Thomas
  • A nearby music studio donated the piano to the community
  • It was used for a summer music program
  • Police work to identify who is responsible while the city works to replace the piano

The piano had been placed under the clock tower at Lumley and North Fort Thomas Avenues about a week ago. It was meant to be played and enjoyed by all who passed by, which Christian Greenwell would do before parts of the piano were torn out.

“It was right here, and I know how to play a few notes on a piano, and this note is broken. And I was pretty upset, because it’s cool to have downtown, but somebody messed it up,” Greenwell said.

The Talant music studio just down the street from the tower donated the piano, which would have been part of a street piano program this summer in partnership with the city.

Fort Thomas police say between 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. last Sunday, someone came and broke the piano.

Caileen Talant-Adams, the owner of the studio, posted “This is so disheartening and incredibly sad” on Facebook, trying to spread the word.

Police are recovering the video from a nearby bank and are trying to identify the person(s) responsible.

Figuring out exactly why they did it can be more difficult.

“It’s annoying. Really annoying. I don’t know why you would destroy that,” Greenwell said. “Nobody did anything to bother you having that there, so I don’t know why.”

The city worked to replace the piano. Police said Thursday he could be replaced as early as Friday.

Even though it was broken on Thursday, the neighborhood kids kept coming up to play a few notes of their favorite songs.

Anyone with information about what happened to the piano should contact the Fort Thomas Police Department by calling (859) 441-6562.