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Renaissance of the context

The context is making a comeback, or perhaps it never left? In a Wednesday Advertising Week panel titled “Content, Context and Cookies,” David Cohen, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, spoke to Pamela Drucker Mann of Condé Nast and Marc Toulemonde of L’Oréal USA to explain why, as Cohen puts it, “the context is experiencing a renaissance. “I was born, raised and trained with an obsession with putting my ads in the right context – contextual advertising,” said Toulemonde, digital and marketing director of L’Oréal USA, adding that ‘He was “energized” by the challenge of a cookie. -Less future. Mann, Conde’s global director of revenue and president of US revenue, noted that “the consumer never liked being followed.… C ‘was good for the advertiser, but not for the consumer. She cited Vogue’s recent Met Gala livestream, sponsored by Audi and Tequila Don Julio, as an example of her company’s ability to deploy its unique “IP” content. , as she put it, to inspire “consumers to come see us.”

Mann also said the cookie-induced obsession with targeting leads to some data-driven misunderstanding of consumers’ real intent on the path to real or virtual payment. “I don’t really know if there is still a lot of funnel,” she said. “We used to call it the ‘consumer decision trip’ because it was actually a trip. … Now you can see it and buy it in three seconds. But the reality is, you still have to see it and want it. And I think we forgot you had to see it and wanted him to buy it. We thought the solution was right, you know, target, target, target.

—Simon Dumenco

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