Are you looking for the best apps after the rise of EdTech on Apple?

The two years of the pandemic have taught us a lot about technology in the classroom. The best lesson we’ve learned is that quality always trumps quantity. Undoubtedly, today’s world is rich in technological teaching tools in terms of quantity. Even learning musical instruments like the piano, for example, through a useful application is much more widespread today than before. Exploring piano keyboard notes is not a mystery anymore. EdTech is therefore widespread in almost all areas of life. The only adventure we have to do is to sort them all to find the gems.

Certainly, many parents, students and teachers are looking forward to leaning less on technology this year after two years of all-virtual teaching. So the best EdTech apps have to be the ones that can actually enhance virtual or in-person learning or whatever. Here, we have compiled the following top ten EdTech apps for you and your kids to enjoy to the fullest.


Mainly a favorite of middle-class students, Kahoot is an interactive platform. He successfully transforms the traditional show of hands into a game the whole class enjoys. Thousands of classrooms rave about its looks for good reason. This application is really ideal for distance learning or to energize an in-person activity. The site has recently expanded. It now includes predefined content and tools for group work, assessment, and more.


A great tool for presenting direct instructions to compel engaged students to participate, PearDeck recently integrated with Google Slides. This makes it easier for teachers to collaborate in creating quality content. With its support, they can seamlessly add audio, gifs, and engagement components to their lessons.


If it’s possible for students to use a little more face-to-face time, FlipGrid is an ideal way to bring it into the classroom, virtual or otherwise. With the help of this secure platform, students and teachers can record video responses, performances, presentations, discussions, and other video content.

storyteller bird

This app helps preschoolers and older bring their amazing stories and other creative writing to life. Storybird empowers students to make their voices heard and shared through picture books and comics, poetry and novels.

Head space

It has been observed that implementing de-stressing, concentration and mindfulness strategies greatly benefits children. However, the official curriculum rarely contains these skills. Using Headspace, teachers can provide a number of exercises and resources that can help them integrate mindfulness and mental health awareness into their classrooms.

Educational puzzle

This website makes it easy for teachers to create videos for their students to view anytime. So this app is in the good books of teachers looking to record key content for their students. With the help of this app, teachers or educators can select existing content on YouTube and post it with questions to check student understanding. This helps a lot in ensuring that students are fully engaged in what they are watching.


A bit different on the list, this app is meant to teach you, your kids and teens a good basic knowledge of piano. It’s also something like a crash course in teaching you to read music and play the piano. This course is never something to follow for years. Instead, Skoove is unique in that its lessons introduce concepts quite slowly. However, sheet music immediately comes to mind. You can use this app with a digital or acoustic piano. This application is ideal for learning to read music while moving at your own pace. With great visuals, available in six different languages, and a modern, easy-to-use interface, this app is a real boon for music learners.


Beyond any doubt, Tynker is a popular computer education site. Indeed, it is equipped with 3700 coding lessons to choose from. Teachers love Tynker because it helps them incorporate fun events like Hour of Code into their curriculum. They can also introduce STEM enrichment programs as Tynker has something for every level of experience.


This is a free podcasting tool for students to delve into virtually any content area. Then they can share their ideas with an audience. Also, it’s no surprise if a podcast becomes a class project because it’s true that podcasts have taken the world by storm.


Prodigy is really a very engaging math app for kids. Reigning supreme, it is interesting enough to excite even reluctant mathematicians to practice and study. Most teachers use Prodigy to extend classroom activities. Besides, this app also helps teachers to suggest their students some additional exercises at home. Teachers can also track student progress with this great app.

all sides

It is really tough and difficult for teachers to teach kids about media bias and find quality information online. AllSides makes it easy for children to get a complete picture of contemporary issues. It is only because this app presents what multiple media is saying in a really fabulous way which is quite easy for kids to understand.