Brigitte Xie has just been invited to perform at Carnegie Hall. She is 4 years old: NPR

At some point in the past 18 months, each of us has probably thought about embracing a new hobby. Some of us have even gone all the way – a gesture of self-improvement or just a way not to go crazy in the days of COVID.

Last fall, Brigitte Xie started playing the piano. Today, a year later, she has become the youngest winner of the prestigious Elite International Music Competition. The price? A stage performance at Carnegie Hall.

Even more impressive: Brigitte is 4 years old.

Here she recently performed on ABC’s Live with Kelly and Ryan.


Brigitte’s father, Tao Xie enrolled her in Zoom piano lessons when she was 3 years old (and two months old!) To pass the time during the pandemic.

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Her mother, Nicole Sun also plays – although they had to add a special stool to their house so that Brigitte has a place to put her feet when she’s at the keys (otherwise her feet will hang loose when she sits on the bench. piano).

There is a small wrinkle to its price, however: Carnegie Hall currently requires all performers to be fully vaccinated – and at just 4 years old, Brigitte is still too young for the vaccine. It is not yet known whether Carnegie Hall will give Brigitte a rain check on her performance.

Anyway, bravo to Brigitte! You’ve inspired us all to double down on our pandemic-related hobbies.

This story originally took place on the Morning edition live blog.

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