Call for registration: Free piano improvisation lessons for music production

The lessons could teach participants to create rhythms on the piano without having to study conventional music theory and improve the piano skills of beatmakers.

The course includes three models: Fundamentals of Piano Music Theory, Guidelines for Playing the Piano as a Beatmaker, and Course Assessment.

It includes nine topics and lasts up to three hours. It begins by illustrating the fundamentals of the piano and the use of root notes to build a solid knowledge base. Students will explore a detailed presentation of the C major and minor scales and visualization of music production concepts for beatmaking through video-based demonstrative lessons.

The music theory presented in this course will guide participants on the operation of the piano and introduce the basics of beatmaking. The course will also provide beatmakers with a deeper understanding of piano chords and scales, beat counting, different rhythms, and a variety of tools and techniques that will add fullness to their compositions.

Interested participants can register for the course here.

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