Code Ninjas to provide a community for problem-solving kids

Code Ninjas will open in March at 3211 W. Wadley Ave., suite 13. This is the first location in the region, with the next closest Code Ninjas being in Lubbock. Code Ninjas teaches kids how to code through an engaging game-based curriculum that builds self-confidence and teaches teamwork, logic, and problem-solving skills. Midland owner Jaclyn Gaona said it made sense to open a Code Ninjas in Midland.

“There was nothing like it in Midland that offered this type of extracurricular activity,” she said. “If a kid has a penchant for sports, he can enroll in a football or basketball league and if my kid is music-inclined, I could give him piano lessons or find him a vocal coach. . But if a child likes to build or assemble puzzles, there is nothing for them until middle school. Then it depends on whether their school has a robotics class.

She added that kids who would thrive in Code Ninjas don’t have options for engagement or a community to be a part of. She said kids can also cross over into other fields like sports, music or the arts and still love coding.

“I am thrilled to build a community of children who think this way,” she said.

She first came across Code Ninjas while researching coding options for her children Rachel, 11, and Phoenix, 9. She saw an advertisement for the company, then thought why not take it to Midland. Gaona has a background in education and fundraising.

Classes are monthly and the children came twice a week for a one hour session. Children from 5 to 14 years old can register. Then the children are divided into two programs, either junior levels or creation levels. Parents can also enroll their children in special camps. Summer camps focusing on Minecraft and Roblox will be offered in June and July. She also plans to have camps during the fall and spring break. Classes can accommodate 36 children at a time.

“One of the best things about how Code Ninjas works is that, through an app, parents can change their children’s class times,” she said. “It is completely flexible because we will be open for several days and the parent has total control to adapt it and adapt it to the family schedule. Personally, I appreciate this as a mom who tries to get my kids where they need to go.

Code Ninjas takes its name from structuring courses such as martial arts.

“Like the martial arts where ninjas come from, kids will have a belt (bracelet) system,” Gaona said. “Children will enter with a white bracelet and once they have acquired a mastery level they will switch from a yellow bracelet to a black bracelet.”

Kids will learn to create their own game and then to save the game once they reach the black bracelet. At lower levels, they learn to manipulate and create parts of a game, she said. The Juniors program is $ 175 for a month, then the Create program is $ 225 for a month.

“My vision is to build community and get kids to come to classes and engage with other kids while learning from instructors,” she said. “It’s fun but it’s not necessarily easy because they learn skills.”

While pre-registering for a short period, parents can get a full week’s summer camp free of charge. The camps will be Minecraft and Roblox which she says are the most popular camps. Parents can register at Check for more updates at

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