Donner’s new DDP-80 digital piano

Christian Wissmuller • Gearcheck • August 24, 2022

Donner has released the latest installment in their line of piano instruments, the DDP-80. The new addition is an 88-key wood-style digital piano and is a capable replacement for an ideal acoustic piano for experienced and budding pianists.

The DDP-80 offers a realistic playing experience comparable to a standard acoustic piano. It is ideal for musicians seeking the same functions of weighted keys without the bulk and expense of an acoustic piano. Much like a grand piano, the DDP-80 features 88 weighted full-size keys, with heavier bass keys, lighter treble keys, and three pedals.

Sleek wood-style design
Designed to look as stylish as it looks, the DDP-80 is made with an eco-friendly material that replicates the style of rich wood grain. This beautiful wood-style digital piano is durable and lightweight with a small footprint that allows it to fit easily into any living space.

French acoustic grand piano timbre

The DDP-80 features a unique, expertly sampled French grand piano sound. Featuring the Donner-designed sound source, the 128-note polyphony delivers virtually every sonic detail of an acoustic piano. The DDP-80 offers a realistic playing experience, designed with weighted keys perfect for any playing style. Three sustain pedals let you play smoothly, reinforcing the look and feel of a full-size acoustic piano.

Excellent for beginners

Two built-in speakers and the powerful 20W+20W amp deliver historic French grand piano sounds to your home, studio, or classroom. The included headphone jack is perfect for solo practice and the DDP-80 easily connects to any Mac, PC, iOS or Android device via USB-MIDI port for online lessons or as a controller for your favorite DAW .

Included app and online education community

Donner aims to inspire artists and equip music enthusiasts with premium instruments and online learning resources. The DDP-80 includes access to the Donner Music app and the global music education community, giving you a platform to learn and share music. Donner has partnered with faculty at Berklee College of Music to offer the Donner Berklee Tutor Series, a unique set of music lessons available free to the public. Donner’s goal is to help make music education accessible to everyone.

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