Find 8 great restaurants right near the College of Charleston

Charleston is well known as a culinary paradise, with award-winning restaurants around every corner and celebrity chefs miles away – but sometimes when you’re staaaaaaaarving it’s hard to make a decision. Here, The College today breaks down what’s available around the College of Charleston campus for a quick bite between classes or places to bring your family or friends when they come for a visit.

Caviar & Bananas
Don’t be surprised if there is a queue at the Caviar & Bananas counter, but know that things move fast. This George Street cafe is a one-stop-shop for coffee drinks, baked goods, creative sandwiches, fresh salads, and takeout like the delicious Chicken Pecan Raisin Salad.

Basic kitchen
A little more chic, Basic Kitchen offers lunch and dinner to the most discerning palates looking for a healthy meal like the Basic Bowl with roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli, kale with citrus, chickpeas in curry. , chimichurri and cereals. Don’t skip the sweet potato fries with the cashew ranch. The outdoor patio full of plants is a dream when the weather is nice.

It’s a salad bar, which even carnivores will love. Let Verde’s dedicated staff cook you a leafy meal. Choose a creative creation from the menu or choose your own bowl or wrap filled with a variety of lettuce, vegetables, grains, cheeses, protein and irresistible dressings.

Cave of Circe
For breakfast or lunch, Circe’s Grotto offers super filling sandwiches with fresh ingredients. alum CofC Nick Stella ’13 runs the little store which is right on the edge of campus on Wentworth Street. From Italian stallion to Thanksgiving sandwich with cranberry sauce, you can’t go wrong with a giant sandwich from Circe’s – seriously, that’s enough for two meals.

Mom Kim’s
New to Korean cuisine? Let Mama Kim show you the way. This space has been a staple of the Charleston food scene for over a decade. Bulgogi is popular here, along with homemade kimchi. This restaurant also offers Japanese fare – the teriyaki chicken and rice bowl is a favorite among devotees of this King Street emporium.

Pizza Pub Gilroy
Gilroy’s is one of the oldest restaurants on King Street. If you are looking for a quick thin crust pizza, cheese bread or wings this is the place. It’s not fancy, but it will hit the nail on the head.

Asian Fusion Fire Grill
Fans of Asian cuisine should definitely stop by Fire Grill Asian Fusion. The menu covers everything from chicken in green curry to pad thai – and the food is really quick if you’re in a rush. Fire Grill is a busy lunch spot, often full of CofC professors and students.

Marty's place

Marty’s place
College of Charleston’s dining hall, Marty’s Place, a quick-service restaurant specializing in vegan and vegetarian menus prepared in a kosher style with all kosher ingredients, offers tasty food to students and the public. Look for take-out foods like mac and cheese, beet and sweet potato chips, and loaded baked potatoes. And Marty’s is a certified Level 1 eco-friendly restaurant, which means the establishment’s environmental practices have been verified by the Green Restaurant Association, a national non-profit organization dedicated to making restaurants more sustainable.

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