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As a singer, Francis sang in choirs and small ensembles, as a soloist for weddings, funerals, church worship teams and children’s productions, military ceremonies and performed the national anthem. for community events.

As a music teacher, she plays various musical instruments such as piano, guitar, ukulele and percussion and enjoys making the classroom her stage.

She is an MSHAA certified voice referee, choreographer, workshop clinician for music teachers and has contributed to the editorial staff of the famous teachers’ magazine Music Express.

Her husband, Lt. Col. John Francis, was in the United States Army where he was a helicopter pilot and an instructor pilot for the Blackhawks and Hueys. He still works for the military with JROTC as a JROTC instructor at Fredericktown High School. He is no longer in active service.

The couple and their daughter Melody have relocated several times throughout their military career. As a result, Francis taught K-2, middle and high school grades in California, Alabama, and Missouri.

“My husband has spent many years in military aviation,” Francis said, “and traveling with him has given me a great experience of music, culture and people of all races since I have taught in several different regions of the United States “

They now live in Farmington. Their daughter Melody is also musically gifted. She plays several instruments and “sings like an angel”.


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