Fresh produce from Jamie Hinckson

Jamie Hinckson

KEYBOARDIST/PRODUCER Jamie Hinckson hopes his latest work, Fresh productswill bring calm to the listeners.

“I just hope this new album will bring some serenity to a world full of chaos. After being locked away for years, I want my Fresh products album to serve as a fresh start for anyone looking for a lifeline. Instrumental jazz reggae is the perfect remedy for any mood, universal music. My melodies are meant to uplift people and keep them on top; my greatest desire for this project,” he told the Jamaica Observerit is Splash.

The 10-track album, her third, was self-released on her Miss Mac Music imprint. Three songs from the set — Don’t you like this song, Junction Road, and Golden – have been published previously.

Hinckson, who has played the piano for more than 25 years, says his main inspiration was his music teacher who encouraged him to pursue jazz.

“I was introduced to jazz by my piano teacher, Joan ‘Miss Mac’ McMorris, after arguing with her that I found classical music boring. At the time, my parents made me quit karate class. [something I loved] and forced me to stay in piano class [something I loathed as a child]. With my arms crossed and my face screwed up, she calmly walked over to her CD player and kicked off a Monty Alexander album titled Echoes of Jilly. Apart from her best friend, Leslie Butler, who would also be my future jazz teacher, I had never heard of another Jamaican jazz pianist. The music resonated with me instantly and I decided that if I was going to continue taking piano lessons, we had to start learning this “cool thing”. The rest is history,” he said.

The musician further added that his creative process is not linear and sometimes requires many trips to the drawing board.

“The creative process is very sporadic and unexpected. Unfortunately, you can’t schedule a time to be creative, which is why it’s such a divine time when I’m able to come up with new melodies. wee hours of the night when all is quiet and all is quiet. My everyday experiences, good and bad, all combine to evoke musical emotions that you hear in every single release I release,” Hinckson said.

Hinckson was born and raised in Miami, Florida. However, his family originated from Green Island in Hanover and Harbor View in Kingston.

The Coral Reef Senior High School alum has a long-standing professional relationship with reggae singer Julian Marley.

“I’m currently the musical director of Julian’s Uprising, but I’ve worked with other reggae artists including Wailing Souls, Hollie Cook, The Wailers, Hempress Sativa and Jesse Royal, to name a few,” he shared.

His other albums are To escape (2013) and Take time (2020).