From a key to the local church to the best coach

My name is Buyi Isaac Emma from Mbale, Bungokho. A neo-soul, jazz, gospel, funk and blues Pianist / keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter and music producer in the making who is above all passionate about teaching young children to play different instruments.

Tell us about your background in this musical career?

My musical journey started from childhood when dad used to bring a keyboard and guitar home for his personal practice and inspired me a lot, as well as the music videos we watched, which inspired me. inspired and made me want to play the piano like the pianists I watched. I remember breaking all the strings on the guitar trying to play it while dad was away.

Later I found my passion when I was taught a key at my local church where I chose from there and learned the remaining eleven keys using online resources Later I joined a band called Trumpets Of Gideon where I was a keyboard player, worked with other bands also in my hometown and established myself as a keyboard player, learned a number of musical genres and other instruments like guitar, bass and drums and later I was inspired to learn music production which I work on over time.

What does it take for someone to engage in instrument practice?

it requires a person to have time to practice, a goal in mind of what they want to accomplish, and also a passion to learn the instrument they want to play.

I have no big accomplishments yet other than playing on a few festivals like Bayimba, Reggae on the Nile, soul therapy by award winning artist Isaiah Destiny, the interactive players which was a music workshop in Kenya and around some good churches like watoto church and my musical travels in and out of uganda i met resourceful friends and other impactful creatives, exposure to fancy equipment and advanced, as well as fellow musicians who love my creativity and expertise in what I do.

First thing you do in the morning?

I pray then to have a keyboard practice of 4 hours; going through my fingering exercises, scales like the blues scale, whole tone scale, runs, riffs and licks, chord progressions in all twelve keys. Sometimes I try complicated songs just to find the application of concepts like the circle of fourths and fifths, diminished and augmented chords, tritones and also learn from other creatives, thus gaining muscle memory, flexibility and perfection that put me on the right path to betterment, with every day an opportunity to become a better me.

First thing you do when you meet a new person?

What did that first job do?

I worked as a music trainer in Buyobo CDC where I taught young people how to play piano and all other things related to music and it was a great experience for me to impart knowledge to lovely young people and be a part of their musical foundation. From that point I started doing mobile keyboard and guitar lessons where I would schedule meetings with my students and teach them some of which would be chargeable on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

What are some of the challenges you face so far?

The challenge I had was that some kids were so slow to learn and unmotivating. But most interested people have learned.

What was your first salary?

I prefer not to disclose it.

What do you use the salary for?

I used my first salary to run some errands for myself and the people in the house, put some in my bank account and gave some of it to my parents.

Who was your first best friend?

This is none other than the bass maestro himself; Paul Junior Flugal who we met in a church band, I learned to love his groovy touch and slamming bass. We became friends, played instruments at several events. He’s been a resourceful friend so far.

First book you read and what lesson did you learn from it?

Understanding your potential by Dr. Myles Mun, in this book I learned that the first step to success is to listen