Industry Profile: Nicola Ayan at Optimizely

Provided: Nicola Ayan

Our industry profile takes a look at some of the professionals working in the advertising, ad tech, marketing and media sectors in Australia. It aims to shed light on the different roles and companies in the burgeoning industry.

Nicolas Ayan: Director of Technology and Growth, Asia Pacific at Optimizely.

Time in Current Role/Time Spent at Company:
I started working at Optimizely in February 2021, although I have been a partner of the company since 2018 and a customer since 2015.

How would you describe what the company does?
Consider a website, mobile app, or any digital touchpoint right now. This website can be both built and optimized using Optimizely’s leading Digital Experience Platform (DXP) to support a business’s goals. For some businesses, digital is the only revenue channel, for others it may be just one of many. Either way, what makes us unique in the market is that our platform not only helps businesses increase revenue, reduce costs, and streamline business operations; it also improves the experience of employees in managing their digital channels. This includes solutions for marketing planning, content management, e-commerce (B2B and B2C), customer data, personalization and experimentation.

What do you do everyday?
Every day is different and that’s one of the reasons I love my job. In one day, I can present a webinar in partnership with marketing, participate in a call with a potential customer to support our sales team, educate our solution partners and train new ones in the field, present to partners to support our partner managers, visiting a client in their office in partnership with our client success team and conducting planning sessions with the leadership team.

Define your job in one word:

I got into martech because:
I started out purely in tech because I was exposed to programming at such a young age and loved it. Seven years later, I landed a job that required my technical skills in a digital team that was part of the wider marketing team. Since then, the jobs I have had have been in digital because I found the space super interesting, very relevant and fast-paced.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?
Set priorities based on your own values. When you’re dealing with so many stakeholders and working on so many projects, it’s easy to fall back and prioritize the client/prospect/project based on its monetary value or monetary potential. However, value is not always measured through the financial prism. I feel most rewarded when your work impacts people’s lives and that’s hard to measure.

What is the biggest industry-wide challenge you would like to see addressed?
Encourage more women in STEM. I love that within the STEM industry there are so many opportunities to choose from and in my particular field which includes business analytics, data and analytics, strategy, marketing, products, pre-sales, sales, partnerships and services. I wish more women would feel encouraged to work in space and would like to see more done to encourage women in the industry. It’s so important to be part of a diverse team that could use many different perspectives and contributions to everything we do in digital and tech, which is crucial for success in space.

Who has been a great mentor to you and why?
My father. He probably doesn’t know he is, but he’s the perfect example of someone who leads by doing. He aspires to excellence and instilled it in us, his children, but also taught us values ​​such as integrity, humility and altruism.

Any advice for someone who wants a job like yours?
You must be curious, a good listener and enjoy working with people and clients. You don’t just love technology for fun, but you’re always looking for how today’s problems can truly be solved through technology and, more importantly, people.

If I wasn’t doing this for a living, I’d be:
If it’s not in martech or tech, I’d play the piano and try to make a career out of it.

My mantra/philosophy is:
When you face a problem, you are taught something that you haven’t yet fully understood. Persevere and you will come out more experienced and mature. We never stop learning!

My favorite ad is;
The announcement of the New Zealand runner’s challenge from several years ago.

Music and television broadcasting habits. What are you subscribed to?
My profile on Netflix has recommendations in two categories: movies based on real life or

Tell us one thing people at work don’t know about you?
I sing and talk in the shower!

In five years, I will be:
I hope by then I’ll be a mom and have visited Antarctica, seen the Northern Lights and written a

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