John Legend brought a shiny and sexy Lovefest to the Arizona Federal Theater

In the world of cool-for-all music, it’s rare to experience a serious shameless show. But that’s what we got on Saturday night during the John Legend show at the Arizona Federal Theater.

That’s not to say that Legend isn’t cool. He’s cool enough to don a pink suit and a green double-breasted, elephant-legged leisure suit (both of which he wore on Saturday night).

Her costumes weren’t the most colorful thing on stage, however. The concert opened with “Ooh La La”, the first track from Legend’s 2020 album, Greatest love, and a breathtaking setting: floral Technicolor graphics projected on a screen, a trio of singers dressed in yellow and a full band.

We’re almost happy that Legend almost tripped while stepping off the platform onto the stage after the first song – the little blunder shows that the stunningly beautiful, EGOT-winning Ivy League-educated Legend is not literally perfect.

When Phoenix New Times spoke to Legend earlier this month, he said the Greatest love The shows so far had been a “lovefest”, and Saturday’s concert was no exception. Over the course of 23 songs, Legend’s joy of playing radiated through him, and the audience responded in kind.

The new album was well represented; about half of Greatest loveAll 16 tracks from ‘s have entered the setlist. The crowd didn’t seem to be there just because Legend is Mr. Chrissy Teigen and a judge on The voice; the number of people singing with each song has shown audience appreciation for Legend’s catalog since the 2004s Get up.

Legend moved effortlessly between ballads and beats, between costume changes, between mic groove and piano singing. On a stage full of people, instruments and changing and breathtaking settings, he never failed to catch the eye.

Halfway through the show, Legend took the energy up a notch to sit down at the piano and share some memories – how he got his first break playing on Lauryn Hill’s poor education, how he was rejected by dozens of record companies and how he met Kanye West, who launched his career. If we have one small gripe with the series, it’s that story time went on a bit too long.

Legend ended his two-hour set with a two-song encore that included “All of Me,” his Grammy-winning hit wedding song. As the familiar tune filled the room and everyone in the audience (well, everyone who didn’t fool around after “Bigger Love”) hummed, we really felt the love.

“Oh dear”
“I do”
“A life”
“Tonight (the best you’ve ever had)”
“Penthouse Floor”
“You move, I move”
“PDA (We don’t care)”
“Don’t go away”
“I feel good”
“Backup room”
“Remember us”
“Ordinary people”
“Conversations in the Dark”
“As if I was going to lose you”
“Green light”
“I used to love you”
“Love me now”
“Greatest love”

“All of me”

The crowd: It’s one of the most diverse audiences I’ve seen in a while, both racially and in terms of age. Mostly couples, however. A few groups of girlfriends.

Understood : A man to his girlfriend, who wanted to take selfies together: “I’m not photogenic. I’m better in real life.”

Random emptying of the notepad: How many babies are going to be conceived later tonight? There will be a lot of children with the middle name Legend in nine months.

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