Learn how to perfect your sound in Pianist 128: available now

What’s in this number?

Anna Fyodorova – The Ukrainian pianist talks about finding peace in music

MORE THAN 40 PAGES OF SHEET MUSIC – 13 scores in total, including a Lyapunov Lullabya Haydn Presto, a Lyssenko Anguishby Bizet Dawn and the Polonaise op. 40 No. 1 by Chopin

Step by step lessons – including Lucy Parham on the famous Polonaise Op 40 No 1 ‘Militaire’ by Chopin

Master class 1 – Mark Tanner on the practice of EXTREMES

Master class 2 – Graham Fitch on finding the most beautiful TONE

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2023 Pianist Composition contest – Details on how you can WIN a Kawai Piano

Steingraeber – John Evans interviews the 200-year-old German manufacturer

Play with an injury – What can you do if something is wrong with your hand(s)? It’s definitely not the end of the world, says Warwick Thompson

Piano Teacher Help Desk – How to make your pupils sound good

sound legends – Jessica Duchen presents her list of chosen pianists – past and present – ​​with the most exquisite sound

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO LESSONS for all levels – by Graham Fitch, Chenyin Li, Tim Stein, Martin James Bartlett and more! Watch Graham’s final lesson below