Martin Kauble, Student of Longtime Piano Teacher at Longview, Makes “Happiness” Digital Recital Debut | Music

Barbara Rosier and Martin Kauble in a scene from the “Happiness” digital recital which debuts June 26 on YouTube.

Jackson Gilliham, contributed

A digital “Bonheur” recital by Kalama pianist Barbara Rosier will debut on YouTube on Sunday, June 26, launched in the shadow of a sad loss for Rosier and the local music community.

Rosier was a student of longtime Longview piano teacher Martin Kauble, who died of a suspected heart attack on May 11 at the age of 59.

Kauble and Rosier appear together in the recital, which features popular tunes such as “Fly Me to the Moon”, “What a Wonderful World”, and “Feeling Good”. Rosier plays the tunes, Kauble adding playful, wacky commentary in the interludes between numbers. As Rosier said, Kauble plays “the master of stupidity”.

It was filmed in March and was in production at the time of Kauble’s death.

Rosier said she and Kauble had planned similar recitals each term, and among them were to be recitals dedicated to the music of Nat King Cole and Henry Mancini.

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“Everyone was tricked into not seeing him again” because of Kauble’s death, lamented Rosier, 70.

“We were just trying to do something really fun.”

Rosier studied classical piano for 13 years during his youth. She gave it up when her Portland piano teacher hit her on the head for annotating a score to identify the melodic line of a piece by Johann Sebastian Bach.

“It traumatized me…and I just stopped playing the piano. I didn’t touch it for over 40 years.

Chronicle of Stepankowsky: Martin Kauble was a teacher like no other

She eventually returned to the keyboard, inspired in part by “Linus and Lucy,” the famous jazz tune from Charlie Brown’s “Peanuts” movies. She found Kauble two years ago after moving to Kalama and asking him to help her prepare for an employee music competition at her workplace, the Ilani Casino near Ridgefield.

She performed “The Girl from Ipanema”. She didn’t win, but she made a new friend.

“Martin and I hit it off right away. Over our time together, we have become closer and closer friends,” Rosier said.

“I wish I had done so much more with him. I’m so lost without him. …I don’t know where to go with the piano without him. I don’t just want to play for myself. I want to share it with others, (la Kauble’s death) broke my heart. I can’t believe he’s not here.

The recital is the third digital production Kauble has produced with Longview audiovisual engineer Jackson Gilliham. The first two of the COVID-19 pandemic, when live performances weren’t allowed or deemed unsafe. The previous two recitals were classic “living room” recitals by Idaho pianist Abriana Church and former Daily News City editor Andre Stepankowsky.

Another digital recital with Church, also recorded this spring, is in production and will be released on YouTube later this summer.

Rosier’s recital will begin at 3 p.m. on June 26. To find it, go to YouTube and find Martin Kauble’s Piano Studio. From there, click on the Rosier recital. It will remain there indefinitely, along with the other recitals.

They were all filmed in Kable’s piano studio.

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