Meteor Tutors Calls on Tutors Worldwide to Join the Leading Online Safety Solution for Education

Meteor Tutors was created by Anita Grace MacDonald, director, pianist and former opera singer, to provide a cutting-edge solution for sophisticated online music lessons with the highest online safety for children. The UK-based independent platform continues to expand globally and offers a curriculum in science, business, maths, humanities and arts. These are taught for exam prep, auditions, school entrance scholarships or just for fun! Meteor Tutors is calling for even more tutors worldwide.

E-learning as a business

Side hustle freelance work is booming, and the 2022 Zapier Side Hustle report shows it works best with streamlined, automated processes. For academic and professional tutoring, Meteor Tutors makes it as seamless as possible to start online tutoring as a business with superior video conferencing quality in 4K video and Hi-Fi audio quality, live online tutoring with time lag minimum, multiple camera setup, automated checkout processes, and upcoming class reminder notifications, including automated certificates of attendance.

“We are meeting the needs of musicians, teachers and professors as they enter the knowledge economy,” says Founder and CEO Anita Grace MacDonald and adds, “High-level tutors who were hesitant to begin education in Tutors who are unhappy with their current setup should try Meteor Tutors now.” Tutors who are approved with Meteor Tutors receive one-on-one online training to start their tutoring business on the site.

The current summer school holidays offer a great opportunity to start with a professional framework designed to be committed to providing education to students wherever they are.

Online safety for students

Meteor Tutors is the market leader in online safety virtual education with the highest security and privacy standards and timeout functionality equivalent to financial institution software. Guardians are checked through a security check of their credentials, credentials, location and police check. Classes are accessed through a web or mobile app with secure two-factor authentication and facial and fingerprint technology. So-called “line bombing”, when strangers can enter video calls, is prevented. For tutors, this means they can promote the highest standards of security and privacy available on the market to parents and adult students. There is also a secure messaging service, so none of the users need to exchange personal phone numbers.

“As a teacher and a former safety officer myself, we made no compromises when creating a safe, high-tech environment online,” MacDonald says. This also applies to the security of online payments which represent worldwide transactions.

Access to information

“Let’s not forget the main benefit of online education, which is the ease of access to information that we should take advantage of in our role as teachers and tutors,” says MacDonald, who comes from humble beginnings. and was raised by her grandfather, a coal miner. in Scotland. When his grandmother was alive in the early years of MacDonald’s life, she made sure MacDonald had piano lessons, just like middle-class children. Later, MacDonald was accepted into the Royal Conservatoire Scotland as one of the few working-class students, winning various awards and performing on national and international stages. “My strong work ethic was taught in the beginning by music education, which requires long-term commitment, patience, effort and application. Online education should meet these requirements,” summarizes MacDonald.

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