Morocania shares its debut before DJ sets and musical collaborations

Morocania shares its debut before DJ sets and musical collaborations [Artist Spotlight]

There is no straight, well-labeled path to success in any career. We all learn and grow every day, and the best platform for learning is one that exposes you to lots of challenges. This was the case for Morocania, a Moroccan DJ and artist who became a “citizen of the world”. At age eight, he moved with his family to the United States of America. This move helped him take a bold step touring and living in various parts of the world.

As most of us have ambition and passion to achieve our dream job, this was the case for the guru. At thirteen, his zeal to become a music producer is intense but remains unrealistic. To trace his path, he took the audacity

Stage of investing in real estate with the explicit aim of developing social networks. After gaining financial stability, he was able to join a DJ school, learn how to produce music and later enter the music industry.

He learned a few tips and tricks along the learning curve that helped shape his musical career. He understands; learn how to train your ears, learn musical instruments, get a digital audio workstation, create music and network with artists.

Learn to train your ears.

Take the time and listen to music from different eras, taking note of the style and tones. Analyze each of them based on trends, popularity, and obscurity. Critically assess what makes different genres and musical qualities unique. The technique will help you learn to recognize pitch, harmony and tempo. You can do it independently or enroll in a music school and get advice from the music teacher.

Learn musical instruments

A music producer must learn to play different instruments such as drums, piano, shakers, and guitar. It is also essential to learn to read the score. You can start by familiarizing yourself with the songs you already know how to sing and checking the chord progression. Use the knowledge gained to creatively process your room while listening to the different tonal combinations.
Acquisition of a digital audio workstation.

Rapid technological development has made it easier for people to explore various musical productions. Aspiring music producers these days use the downloadable digital audio workstation (DAW) which has given them an introduction to the software used to record and produce music. Since the technology has its challenges due to its complexity in the beginning, however, through various online tutorials, one can easily learn several features quickly and easily.

Create your music

Morocania believes that it doesn’t matter what stage of your musical career you are in; the fundamental and central value of every music producer is the ability to create their own music. Making original music is essential to keep up with trends that tend to change with the changing tastes and preferences of the generation. Given the niche you’re aiming to appeal to, it’s essential to get accurate details on what is best consumed by these age groups and how best to use the information to create the best fit.

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