New book to help kids discover music launched by Sheffield teacher

Author Claire Chadwick, who teaches violin, piano and guitar from her home in Sheffield, noticed that many children who were learning a musical instrument had difficulty with the concepts of rhythm.

With that in mind, she created lovable animal characters such as Crotchet Cat and Minim Panda with 36 imaginative games to help kids remember the length of the four important rhythms from her book, Fun Music Warm Ups.

Claire said, “Games are a great way to make learning rhythm imaginative and fun.

Music teacher, Claire Chadwick with her new music book, ‘Fun music warm-ups’

“Music teachers and parents who read music can use the book to help children develop stronger rhythmic skills. “

Claire worked with two other Yorkshire creatives while she wrote her book.

It features British artist Julia Brown, who is said to have “brought animal characters to life with her beautiful illustrations and stunning front and back covers.”

And Sarah Rowing-Parker was also praised for making “every page an absolute pleasure to look at with its fantastic design and layout.”

Ahead of publication, music teachers and parents able to read music provided feedback on an unreleased version of the book.

This included testing the games in the book with their own students or children.

A piano teacher described it as “by far the most beautiful book of music I have ever seen”.

Speaking of the positive reviews on the book, Claire said, “I am delighted that it has already received so many adorable comments from people, teachers, students and parents.”

Claire trained at the University of Sheffield and Trinity College of Music in London, earning MMus, PG Cert and BMus degrees in music.

She has given recitals, world premieres, concerts and taught children, adolescents and adults for over twenty years.

During the pandemic, she published a series of in-depth tips, available free online, to help other music teachers switch to teaching online through video calling platforms, so they can protect their income. and their well-being.