Olivia Rodrigo on Growth, Britney Spears and Being Seen

What this means for the human Olivia is that she has reached a level of fame where she has become an avatar for larger conversations. She is the photo at the top of the article. But what is the defense for? “It’s tricky,” said Olivia, careful with her wording. “Writing songs about how I feel has always been easy and fun for me, and I think the business side of music has been something I have struggled to learn.” She goes on to delicately advance around the controversial topic: “I kind of grew through it this year, but I just tried to remember that I write songs because I love them. I feel lucky to be able to do this and to be a songwriter and performer for a living. …. In the end, I don’t feel like it has much to do with me.

The speech is on her mind in the days following our interview, when we speak on the phone again so that she can further explain her feelings about the way people talk about her music. “I thought a lot about some of the tween questions you asked, and I feel like I didn’t answer them as honestly as I could have,” she says. Interpolation – when you record a part of a song created by someone else and use it in a new way – is different from sampling someone else’s work in its original form. . They’re very common in music, Olivia says, and she tries not to get caught up in what people are saying.

“I think it’s disappointing to see people take things out of context and discredit the work of any young woman,” she added on the call. “But at the end of the day, I’m really proud and happy to say that my job is to be a songwriter… All music is inspired by each other. Obviously, I write all my words with my heart and my life first. I found the lyrics and the melody for ‘good 4 u’ one morning in the shower.

Meanwhile, Olivia will continue to talk about all the artists she admires. “What’s so beautiful about music is that it can be so inspired by music from the past,” says Olivia, lighting the table. “Each artist is inspired by artists who came before him. It’s kind of a fun and beautiful sharing process. Nothing in music is ever new. There are four chords in each song. This is the fun part – trying to make it your own. “

Josefina santos

At Sour, comparison runs a common thread – to the girls who are chosen over her, of course, but also to the social media landscape that encourages voyeurism, body shame, and endless, desperate jealousy. Like so many things, it hurts teenage girls most. When Olivia said, “My God, this is brutal in here,” she was not wrong.

“Who am I if not exploited? She asks in “Brutal”, and in a fitting tribute during the clip, she wears the same Roberto Cavalli dress that Britney Spears wore to the 2003 American Music Awards. Olivia followed Spears’ legal journey to have her guardianship removed and thought deeply about how society treats young girls.

“I’m so excited to see her give it some leeway in his case,” Olivia says of the high-profile case of Britney’s curator. Weeks after we met, Britney’s father would be suspended as a curator after a decade of scrutiny. “I think it’s a step in the right direction. I’m so happy Britney’s case is getting so much attention, and I just hope she gets all the justice she deserves and leads the best life she can be.

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