Peloton’s Android app hints at a longtime rower


Perform an APK teardown of the latest version of the Peloton Android application, 9to5Google found evidence that the company is preparing the software to support a rower in the near future. The outlet found various snippets of code that mentioned a device named “Caesar” and “Mazu”. The latter is a reference to a Chinese sea goddess. Like the company’s stationary bike, it looks like the rower will include a ‘scenic tours’ feature that will showcase waterways around the world. And if you just want to row, that will also be an option.

Another set of excerpts refers to the four positions of proper rowing technique. “This is the riding position for your race,” the app explains. “Sit up straight on the rower, arms outstretched and back straight. Your knees should be just above the ankles. »Dig deeper into the updated software, 9 to 5 also found code suggesting that the app will track metrics like your average and maximum stroke rates.

A rowing machine is something that Peloton has been rumored to operate for quite some time now, with a recent job listing mentioning the device. We’ve reached out to Peloton for confirmation, but here we’ll note what we say with all APK teardowns: Just because there is code pointing to a new version of the hardware doesn’t mean that a company will be tracking this work or that a launch is imminent.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on Engadget.


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