Pianos installed throughout the city bring the community together

TRENTON, Ohio – A piano teacher is trying something different to bring the community together.

She started a project so that anyone could play the piano just about anywhere in her town.

What do you want to know

  • Emily Smith, piano teacher who runs the ‘Keys to Your Dream’ studio in Trenton, has started a piano project in town
  • She has installed six donated pianos across Trenton, and over the past few months people have joined in
  • All pianos have been donated and painted with special designs, and a QR code that goes to a map showing where all the pianos are in Trenton

When you go to fill up the gas, a piano isn’t exactly what drivers expected to see.

“The first thing that came to mind was ‘wow’, I’ve never seen that,” said driver Terry Shephard.

It wasn’t long before people were filling up on piano teacher Emily Smith. They were singing and playing the piano everywhere, from the local gas station to the cafe. This is exactly what she expected.

“It gives them an opportunity in a no-pressure environment just to be able to try it out,” Smith said.

Smith runs his own studio north of Cincinnati in Trenton. After taking her students to a piano competition in Cleveland, she said she had an idea for her small town.

“They had 25 pianos all around Cleveland and a map, and you could walk to each one, and we did that with the students while we were all there,” Smith said. “It was a really nice experience and I was like, ‘Trenton, I can do this,'” she said.

She got the go-ahead from city leaders and shop owners, started getting donated pianos, had them painted and sealed, and distributed them to random public places around the Trenton area.

This is what she calls the piano project.

“It really is for everyone. It’s for those who can play and just want to sit down and be a blessing to others or just sit down and play,” Smith said.

There are six public pianos in the city so far. She plans to add more for the season if they get more donations and people like them. It already seems to be hitting the right notes in the community.

“God knows the world needs happiness right now,” Shephard said.

Click here for more information on the Trenton Piano Project.