“Please take this out of my house”

A Craigslist piano for sale is freaking out Twitter users.

Listing, for free piano, went viral thanks to Florida-based reporter Timothy burke. In a thread which has now received nearly 85,000 likes, Burke revealed the Craigslist ad – which featured one particular detail.

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It’s the latest comedy saga to seemingly go viral on Twitter. Past examples include a woman who accidentally received 5,500 square feet of plants and a writer who claimed to have found several shrimp tails inside her cereal box.

Equally absurd was Burke’s viral discovery.

“I’m sorry, what,” Burke tweeted, with a photo of the ad.

According to the photos, the seller has classified his piano as “non-haunted”. This is a particular statement, which they developed in the description of the article.

“Not possessed or haunted in any way,” the ad reads in part. “Please take this out of my house.” “

There are plenty of other hilarious claims to the list – including that the instrument is not a “mechanical piano” because it doesn’t play itself. Twitter users have widely praised the comedy ad.

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“So I think the only takeaway from all of this is that this piano is 100% haunted! ” a user wrote, as well as several laughing emojis.

“Smart Marketing” another added.

Other users have explained why someone might choose to list a piano this way. Many seemed to think the description was meant to draw attention to the ad, given the high cost of moving a piano.

“You practically have to pay people to get rid of upright pianos” a user wrote.

As Twitter users followed closely, Burke posted a handful of updates on his attempt to get the piano. First of all, he explained that he to reach to seriously go look for it. Finally he got a reply.

We don’t know if Burke ended up having the piano, but it looks like this anyway. not haunted piano will find a new home.

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