Police say a local man was a ‘no show’ at sentencing

Police say a man who may live in the Utica or Herkimer area is wanted by authorities after they say he failed to show up for sentencing on two convictions.

Thomas J. Wall, 29, who Oneida County Sheriff’s Investigator Sahid Karcic said may live in the Utica or Herkimer area, did not show up for sentencing on two convictions earlier in July. Wall is wanted on two arrest warrants issued by Judge RL Bauer in Oneida County Court, Karcic said.

The first term is for burglary 2nd (felony), petty larceny (misdemeanor) charges, and the second term involves a grand larceny 4th (felony) charge. In either case, Karcic says Wall also failed to cooperate with Probation regarding the pre-sentence investigation.


Name: Thomas J. Wall

Caucasian male, 29 years old,

Height: 5’4,

Weight: approximately 155 pounds

Brown hair and blue eyes.


2 Bench mandates:

Bench mandate no. 1:

  • Court: Oneida County Court
  • Charges: Burglary 2nd (F), Petit Larceny (M)
  • Judge: RL Bauer
  • Signed: 07/18/2022

July 18e 2022, Wall did not appear in court for sentencing. Wall also did not cooperate with Probation regarding the pre-sentence investigation.

Bench Warrant #2:

  • Court: Oneida County Court
  • Charge: Grand Larceny 4th (F)
  • Judge: RL Bauer
  • Signed: 07/18/2022

Police ask that calls and tips be made to the Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers tip line, anonymously at 1-866-730-8477.

The police added to remind that “everyone is innocent until proven guilty in court”.

According to authorities, sharing this story with friends and family and on social media increases the chances of keeping our neighborhoods safe. Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers is 100% anonymous and cash rewards are given to people who provide credible and accurate information that results in the arrest of wanted people.


Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers is a completely anonymous, community-based program, allowing people to give advice privately without fear of reprisal. Crime Stoppers also offers cash rewards to individuals who provide information leading to the arrest of a suspect.

If you have any information on Wall, contact Mohawk Valley Crime Stoppers. You can place a 100% anonymous tip in several ways.

1) Via this site by clicking on Submit advice

2) Directly on www.p3tips.com

3) By calling 1-866-730-8477 (TIPS)

4) by downloading the P3TIPS Android app

Crime Stoppers asks that tips not be submitted via Facebook Messenger. All tips must go through the tip lines.

[AUTHOR’S NOTE:   This post is for informational purposes and is based largely on information received from the New York State Police.  Regardless of any statements or photographs regarding potential evidence presented or accusations alleged, the reader is reminded that all suspects and arrested persons are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.  At the time of this posting no additional information is available.]

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