Prepare your youngster for success with these discounted courses

Just because back to school is right around the corner doesn’t mean the opportunities to learn at home are over. While schools provide a cornerstone of learning for children, supplementing this learning at home has been proven to bring many benefits in their educational life.

This educational package offers a bit of everything from coding lessons to ACT/SAT prep, which has helped boost scores for those who studied early and often. As a bonus, with every purchase from our Back to Education collection, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to students or children in need, and you can vote on where the money goes!


STEM lessons are the way of the future, and this do-it-yourself coding kit for kids ages 9-12 is the perfect introduction to the arena. Sample projects encourage kids to expand and design, and they can try their hand at everything from building clever safety gates to turning bananas into pianos. Plus, kids can use block codes to operate their modules using the free and easy-to-use Twinner app.

Get the DIY Coding Kit for ages 9-12 for $84.90.

Pass the test

When it comes to taking the SAT and ACT, there’s nothing like being overprepared. This set of three courses provides students with the information and materials needed to pass both tests. The SAT course offers 989 lectures along with a comprehensive SAT math exam. The ACT course has over 1,460 lectures as well as a comprehensive ACT math exam. The third item in this bundle is a “TOEFL Preparation Course”.

Get the ACT & SAT Test Prep Pack for $29.99 (reg. $597).

Go deeper into coding

Tap into your child’s STEM mind with this one-year premium subscription to Twin School’s DIY Coding Kit. The makers of this product (featured on the BBC) have partnered with some of the best educational institutions in the world to teach kids coding through adventures and play lessons. Over half a million kids have taken it this course. The accompanying coding kit comes with four coding projects.

Get a DIY Coding Kit with a one-year Twin School Premium Membership for $99 (reg. $155).

Reading is fundamental

This information-packed app (three months access) offers personalized lessons and activities that help children learn to read. Reading, mathematics and creativity are just a few points of attention for this application. It’s safe and ad-free, and it makes learning joyful because it’s powered by activities kids want to play. It’s been featured in The New York Times, MSNBC, and Fast Company, and it’s accessible via desktop or mobile devices.

Get Homer: the #1 learning to read app for kids ages 2-8 (3-month subscription) for $4 (reg. $29).

math madness

One of the biggest obstacles for those who don’t like math is the environment in which they learn the subject. With Interactive Mathematics, you not only create the environment, but you can also dictate the time and place. This 24/7 math tutoring service is app-based and you can access it through your phone, tablet or desktop computer. Teachers, professors, and educators are among the tutors, and students receive understandable step-by-step solutions for their products.

Get Interactive Mathematics: 1 year of unlimited 24/7 tutoring for $399.

Tap into your child’s inner wonder

You never know what talent your child has. You can, however, tap into it with the Prodigy Afterschool Masterclasses for Kids. This class includes 15 extracurricular lessons, including math stuff, yoga, drawing, storytelling, and Chinese, among others. Classes are taught by world-renowned teachers from around the world. A shared family connection allows children and parents to enjoy lessons.

Get Prodigy Afterschool Masterclasses for Kids for $99 (reg. $660).

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