Ratan Tata is going to learn the piano again because “No age is too late”

When it comes to chasing dreams, age is no obstacle. Business mogul Ratan Tata illustrated this in his latest post on social media. If you follow the industrialist on social media platforms, you’ve probably come across several of his insightful posts. From mind-blowing nostalgic memories and life trivia to social cause posts, the businessman’s social media page is a gold mine for people. In another motivational example, he shared an interesting and valuable example, special to him.

Tata Sons President Emeritus posted a photo of himself playing the piano on Instagram. Dressed in a crisp suit, the businessman looked absolutely in love while playing the piano. Surprising his 4 million and more followers, he spoke about his love for the musical instrument and his journey with it. The 83-year-old revealed that he learned to play a bit of the piano when he was young. After his retirement he made it a hobby and started taking piano lessons. However, Tata admitted that he couldn’t devote the required attention. He posted an encouraging message that resonated with many people.

In the caption of the post, Tata wrote: “I learned a bit of the piano when I was young. I’m still in love with the idea of ​​learning how to play well. After I retired, I found an excellent piano teacher, but I couldn’t give him the attention to play with both hands. Hope to try again in the near future.

The post garnered millions of likes on the photo-sharing platform and several comments. Many netizens noted that the post inspired them to pursue topics of interest and try things they haven’t yet. Fans of the businessman were delighted to see him cultivate his inner talents and praised his lifelong urge to learn. Few users have called Tata “a learner and a legend”. One user said, “It’s never too late to chase your dreams.

“India will never have a charity like this, we are very proud of you,” said another. An individual also asked him for an audio asking if Tata could play and download something.

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