Save on an all-in-one learning platform that introduces your kids to Raspberry Pi

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TL; DR: As of June 6, the CrowPi2 All-in-1 Raspberry Pi & STEM Learning Platform is on sale for just $319.99. (That’s only a $10 savings, but for such an original product, every little bit counts.)

Put your child’s electronic obsession to good use by investing in the CrowPi2, an all-in-one STEM learning platform that doubles as a laptop.

First, the CrowPi2 serves as a fully functional Raspberry Pi laptop, complete with its own built-in display, keyboard, and trackpad. It also has a number of ports that allow you to connect external devices (like a mouse or an HDMI cable) and use it like a typical laptop. It’s a little clunky compared to modern computers, but given that it’s designed for kids learning STEM, it’s built well.

As for learning, the self-developed software is primarily for learning Scratch, Python, AI, and Minecraft APIs through an engaging step-by-step dialogue. All of the content is wrapped in a kid-friendly package, but adults have mentioned having fun with this thing too. Kids can also create their own DIY circuits on the breadboard, make a piano using different fruits, learn to code, play with face and voice recognition software, and much more. The more children explore CrowPi2, the more they will discover.

The Basic Kit is meant to be a learning toolkit that comes with software and hardware to explore, but you can also connect it to the internet and use it like a regular laptop when the day is done. Your kids can even use it to watch the painfully boring YouTube videos they love so much.

Here is an overview:

Unsurprisingly, the CrowPi2 is the most funded Raspberry Pi laptop on Kickstarter, raising over $644,000. It became publicly available in 2020 and is even used in schools to teach kids STEM skills. Grab one on sale for just $319.99 for your kids (and try a little to develop your own STEM skills in the process). It’s only $10 off MSRP, but every dollar counts.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Elecrow Technology