Simply Piano allows all my children to win musically

My kids are amazing and unique with their interests and personalities, but most of the time I feel like I keep cats.

My oldest is in college and the twins have just entered 3rd grade. The age gap is narrow enough that they often like the same things, but far enough that they still differ; oh, and far enough away that their pickup hours at school cause me
of them daily trips.

I tried to incorporate them into piano lessons after finding my dusty old keyboard from almost ten years ago. Finding time for classes after their sports means a 5pm start time, late dinners, and another trip for me.

We tried out some piano lesson videos on YouTube because we could at least choose when they were practicing, but the kids lasted about 7 minutes – they got completely distracted and lost interest. (It was even worse with the textbooks.)

Music was so important to me when I was a child; it shaped me as a person, gave me an edge when I went to college, and taught me the discipline. I was determined to find a way to make music part of their life, so the next time I dropped the twins off at school, I asked another mom what she was doing for her kids.

She told me she uses
Simply Piano, a virtual application that allows his children to train when and where they want. It comes with a library of over 1,000 pop and classic songs so they can stay engaged with the music they already know and love.

I told him that we had tried virtual lessons through YouTube before and it hadn’t worked. Also, I don’t like the idea of ​​giving my kids more screen time.

She explained that each of her children has their own profile with the family plan, the lessons are interactive, which allows the children to continue to progress and they can evolve at their own pace. I felt
less guilty knowing that my kids wouldn’t be online where they could easily scroll through other videos when they should be practicing.

I came home and I dug
Simply Piano, curious if something virtual could really grab their attention and increase their skills. The selection of songs was amazing which gave me hope that they would love to play. About 5,000 songs from almost all genres – Frozen for the twins, Billie Eilish for my oldest, and classic for me if I ever wanted to try.

After reading the reviews and seeing that this was the # 1 educational app in app stores, I decided to download it.

I went ahead and set up the desk with our keyboard and let each kid take a turn. In twenty minutes, I heard something incredible: music! And even more shocking… Beethoven!

Simply Piano unlike any other virtual music learning platform. He provides tutorials to help with posture and interacts with kids more than I ever imagined. My concerns that it was less in-depth than the in-person lessons vanished when I saw the app react to their play and give feedback.

Simply Piano has given me and my children the flexibility we need to stay balanced. It works perfectly in our schedules and I can hear the difference it makes every time my kids come to a new lesson.

With their ever-changing music library and lessons, and my children’s desire to learn new songs (and new skills!), Simply Piano is the perfect fit for my family.

Learn the piano in a fun and easy way suitable for children of all ages

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