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Christine Chan wants to explore North Carolina’s biodiversity to turn her passion for the environment and animals into a career and continue to advocate for climate change awareness.

As an EC Scholar and Honors College student, Chan took advantage of all the opportunities offered by East Carolina University. She spent the spring at ECU’s Institute of Coastal Studies in the Outer Banks as part of ECU’s Coastal Semester, a program open to all ECU students that Chan thinks the students should consider.

Alongside his pre-med studies, Chan is exploring potential career options on the coast. (photo added)

While majoring in biology and minoring in coastal and marine studies, Chan takes her time to explore potential career paths.

“I’m on the pre-med track, but I’ve explored potential career options on the coast,” Chan said. “I considered (becoming) a national park ranger or a wildlife biologist or a filmmaker.”

As “someone who has always been into nature and wildlife,” Chan said she might stray from her original plan when she entered college. Her interest in the environment and animals led her to her internship in a sedimentology laboratory, where she studies beach erosion.

“Things are constantly changing, so there’s always more to research and learn,” she said, “I think climate change is very real and I see it happening faster on the coast. A lot of people don’t realize how much it really affects them.

His passion translates into his hobbies. Chan says she enjoys watching Animal Planet shows like “River Monsters” or vet TV shows and they further her ongoing interest in coastal and marine studies.

Chan followed his two older sisters, also Honors College alumni, to ECU. She has heard a lot about Honors College, postgraduate programs and ECU Brody School of Medicine.

“ECU has an amazing medical school and amazing faculty that I have enjoyed learning here. There are also so many opportunities in clubs and classes that I can get involved in whatever interests me,” said she said, “Everyone wants to share what they do.

Chan is the secretary of the Asian Student Association and a volunteer piano teacher.

Chan poses in front of the Coastal Studies Institute.

Chan participated in ECU’s spring semester Coastal Studies program at the Coastal Studies Institute – a program available to all pirate students. (photo added)

This hacker wants to raise awareness about climate change.


Last name: Christine Chan

Middle School: Thomas Harriot College of Art and Science

Major: Biology with a Minor in Coastal and Marine Studies

Age: 19

Rank/Year: Second year, class of 2025

Hometown: Holly Springs, North Carolina

Hobbies interests: Piano, Guitar, Workout, Sports, Skateboard and Kayak

Clubs and Organizations: Asian Student Association, Music Empowerment, Honors College, EC Scholars


Favorite meeting place: ECU Outer Banks Campus

Favorite place on campus: Racquetball courts at the recreation center

Favorite place to eat: Simply Natural Dairy

Preferred class: Coastal Ocean Research Analysis, Techniques and Methods

The teachers who influenced you the most: Dr. Corbett and Dr. Hargrove

Favorite TV show: “Modern Family”

Favorite band/musician: Sam Burchfield

Favorite movie: “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”

Favorite app: instagram


Dream job: Wildlife photographer/director

Model: Jeremy Wade

Your words to live:

Embrace your journey and set your own destination.

What advice do you have for other students? Approach each day with an open mind! You can learn something new from anyone if you’re willing to listen.