Students from Egyptian Talent Development Center to perform at Alexandria Opera House on September 28

Students of the Talent Development Center – Facebook

CAIRO – September 26, 2021: On September 28, the Egyptian Opera will host a concert for the students of the Talent Development Center at the Alexandria Opera.

During the concert, the students of the guitar class, trained by Ahmed Abdel Rahman, will perform an anthology of distinguished classical works.

Afterwards, the students of the Arab singing class, trained by the artist Walid Haider, will present a selection of works by pioneer artists of the golden age of Egypt and the Arab world.

It should be noted that the Talent Development Center was established during the artistic season of 2004 and includes a group of university professors.

The center teaches modern artistic techniques and encourages and refines artistic talents, presenting different artistic classes including piano, ballet, violin, guitar, oud, choir, Arabic song and rhythm. This is in addition to a class reserved for students with special needs.

The first festival for talent development, where artistic talents competed, was held after the current Egyptian Minister of Culture, Inas Abdel Dayem, took over the chairmanship of the Egyptian Opera Board.

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