Wellness company Yohana expands to LA to help modern families thrive

Founded by renowned technology leader, global leader and mother of four Yoky Matsuoka, Yohana helps families create space in their busy lives to prioritize wellness. Their flagship service, The Yohana Membership, pairs families with a team of specialists, researchers and a one-on-one guide for ongoing support with ever-growing to-do lists and demands of modern life, so parents can focus on what matters most and feel empowered to be the best versions of themselves.

Modern families struggle to do it all, and the ripple effect of parental exhaustion is harm their children. Nine out of ten moms are so busy they wish they could clone oneself, while 7 out of 10 hide when stressed out of fear of feeling like a failure. Parents need help, but are afraid to ask. In Los Angeles – a city known for well-being – the the situation is just as dire.

Unlike typical help desks and productivity apps that create more to manage, Yohana membership offers parents an easy way to get involved with their family’s well-being. Yohana launched its pilot membership program in Seattle in the fall of 2021, where he helped over 1,000 families offload 20,000 household chores and saved some families over 8-10 hours a week. Supported by ideas from the Seattle market, Yohana is now expanding to Los Angeles to give families the support they need to get things done and the support parents need to perform at their best.

I created Yohana from a deep pain point I experienced as a working parent. While the challenges of family life have been amplified by the pandemic, two years later families are still struggling,” says Yoky Matsuoka, Founder and CEO of Yohana. “Our mission continues to focus on creating opportunities to help families thrive and we are excited to expand our membership in the Los Angeles area to help parents achieve a greater sense of well-being and be there for those priceless moments.”

This summer, with a Yohana Membership, LA families can get help organizing and planning seasonal activities such as registering for a day camp, finding family activities, hosting a barbecue in outdoors, orchestrating a surprise for Father’s Day, scheduling an air conditioning repair professional, passport renewals, booking tickets to sporting events, and much more. No matter the season, Yohana can help you with everything from household chores like finding a housekeeper to family chores like coordinating appointments and booking experiences like a trip to Disneyland. Members can also call on the Yohana Pro Network, a team of trusted local businesses who can tackle bigger projects like repainting shutters, fixing leaky taps, planting gardens, training the family dog , etc.

There are four benefits of Yohana membership:

  • Guide Yohana. Families have a point person who works to understand their needs, set goals, and ensure members get the results they expect. Your Guide is there to help you find balance, so that you can then find balance for your family.
  • Yohana specialists. Your Yohana membership provides every family with a specialist and team experienced in managing home, family planning and experience to meet a wide range of needs. And their experience means it’s done as well, if not better, than you could do yourself.
  • The Yohana Pro & Partner network. The Yohana Network is a collection of hand-picked third-party providers that provide additional services for your home, your family, and your own well-being. Get everything you need – plumbers, piano teachers, local florists or even party venues – with the confidence that the Yohana Network is here to meet your family’s needs. These favorite local businesses help with home projects big and small, from replacing and repairing appliances to installing solar power or planting native landscaping. Partner services are additional costs for Yohana membership.
  • The Yohana App + Website. Use the Yohana app on mobile or on your desktop so you can easily create tasks for your team, see what’s been accomplished, and maintain an ongoing dialogue on any open issues. Imagine being able to put that thing you just remembered you forgot to do on your team’s to-do list from anywhere, anytime.

Starting today, Yohana will be available in LA neighborhoods. Yohana membership is $249 per month for unlimited support. Los Angeles founding members who sign up between June 7 and June 30 will receive a special price of 50% off their first three months with the code FOUNDER.

About Yohana
Created by Yoky Matsuoka, a leading technologist and mother of four, Yohana is the only membership service that pairs modern families with a team of specialists to manage their busy lives. Unlike productivity apps that create more to manage, Yohana creates space every day for families to put wellness first. Families are paired with a guide to help define their goals, a team of specialists who manage everything from household chores to family chores and create memorable experiences. Members also have access to the Yohana Pro & Partner Network, a source of trusted local businesses that can take on bigger home and family projects. First piloted in SeattleYohana expands to Los Angeles on June 7, 2022, and the waiting list is open nationwide. Yohana is a fully funded, independent subsidiary of Panasonic, one of the oldest lens-focused brands in the world.

About Yoky Matsuoka
Yoky Matsuoka is the founder and CEO of Yohana, an independent subsidiary of Panasonic. Matsuoka also leads global innovation and serves as the general manager of Panasonic Corporation. Prior to founding Yohana, Yoky Matsuoka brought her distinct approach to human-centered design to major tech giants, most recently as Vice President of Google and Chief Technology Officer at Nest. Prior to Nest, she was chief innovation officer and co-founder of Google X. She also held a senior executive position at Apple and was chief executive of Quanttus, a wearable health technology startup. Matsuoka’s career began in academia as an endowed professor at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Washington, where she founded and directed the Sensorimotor Neural Engineering Center and the Neurobotics Laboratory. Matsuoka received the MacArthur Genius Award for his work in robotics and neuroscience. This grant motivated her to create the YokyWorks Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with physical and learning difficulties, and whose current goal is to remove barriers to reading to free the potential of each of these children. Matsuoka earned his Ph.D. and MS of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and BS at University of California, Berkeley, all in electrical engineering and computer science. She has been featured in Fortune, Forbes, Fast Company, TechCrunch and Wired. She currently resides in the Bay Area with her husband, four children, dog and pet pig.

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