Where is Donda Academy? Everything you need to know about Kanye West’s mysterious private Christian school

Kanye West recently opened a private Christian school called Donda Academy. The institution is said to be located in Simi Valley, California, and is considered a “tuition-based” preparatory academy rooted in Christianity.

The school news comes after West returned to Instagram and shared photos of students wearing school outfits in Gap and Yeezy designs.

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The musician collaborated with producer Malik Yusef for the initiative, who told the Rolling Stones about the academy:

“I want to emphasize that there was never a time when Kanye West didn’t want to do that. I think people don’t understand the seriousness of that.

He further added that Kanye West’s school is named after his mother and praised the rapper for his vision:

“This man always wanted to start a school in his mum’s name…Look at what we’re doing with the choir and fashion at school – I don’t think there’s a venture capitalist or who anyone who had such a clear vision of what education is.” may look like you.

The school’s establishment is also shrouded in mystery, as two insider sources told Rolling Stone that families enrolling their students in the academy are required to sign nondisclosure agreements.

A school consultant reportedly called the agreement “informal” and mentioned that only parents are allowed to sign the document.

Kanye West plans to launch multiple Donda Academy campuses across the United States

Donda Academy is named after Ye's late mother (Image via Donda Academy)
Donda Academy is named after Ye’s late mother (Image via Donda Academy)

Kanye West has established a new private Christian school, Donda Academy, named after his late mother, Professor Donda West. According to its official website, the institution plans to “prepare students to become the next generation of leaders” through “an ethic of integrity and care.”

It also mentions the students’ daily schedule, which includes activities such as:

“Complete worship at school; basic language arts, math and science classes; lunch and recreation; enrichment classes including world language, visual arts, film, choir and parkour.

The school states that it has a “rigorous core curriculum and emphasizes sustainability, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.”

The academy is currently headquartered in Simi Valley, California, but Ye plans to launch multiple campuses across the United States, including a Donda University.

The school also announced that it will be accepting applications until June 10, 2023 and that all students will be able to apply regardless of their financial situation:

“Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of their financial situation. Financial aid and scholarships are available for qualifying students.

The academy has also assured that there will be a maximum of 12 students in a class and that it will have a student-teacher ratio of 10:1. The school will also have worship and enrichment classes at each grade level:

“Each day, Donda students learn the fundamentals, grow in their faith, and experience two enrichment classes.”

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The school has appointed Brianne Campbell as Principal, Executive Director and Head of the School’s Choir Program. However, Rolling Stone said she had no previous experience as an educator.

Her resume reportedly revealed that Campbell previously ran a piano, guitar and vocal tutoring business out of her apartment. She also enrolled in a Master of Education program at Pepperdine University in January and is expected to complete the course next year.

Rolling Stone also noted that the school will serve as a “trial run” for West and his team before they branch out to establish more institutions across the country. The academy also launched its All-Star Donda Doves basketball team for the year 2021-2022.

Papa Ye with North & Saint at Donda Academy 🖤🖤🖤 #dadlife 🕊 🕊 🕊 🕊 🕊 https://t.co/Gqii0KV7fp

According to the California Department of Education, the team includes 21 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. The school welcomed nearly 100 students at the end of August and currently has 16 full-time teachers.

Donda Academy consultant Tamar Andrews told the publication that the school is not yet accredited but has applied for accreditation with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

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