With this training you can learn to play piano, guitar and ukulele for less than $ 30


TLDR: The beginner’s piano, guitar, and ukulele software bundle can help even beginners learn and master three instruments through insightful video lessons led by experts.

Imagine taking the stage and sliding behind a piano to start playing your favorite song in front of an enthusiastic crowd. When the song hits your first chorus, you get active, stepping out from behind the piano to grab a guitar and take the performance to the next level. Then when you want to get intimate and a little more whimsical, you curve your audience by switching to the ukulele.

For those who dream of being a true multi-instrumentalist musical threat, you can train on the three instruments with Beginner’s Piano, Guitar and Ukulele Software Bundle ($ 29.99, over 90% off, from TNW Deals).

Even if you’ve never played an instrument before, these three lessons can lay the groundwork to get started, with self-paced, interactive video training that helps demystify the art of playing music.

The Piano Keyboard Lessons for Beginners makes learning the keyboard fun. Starting with the basics such as hand positioning and reading notes, this collection of 50 step-by-step lessons is led by piano teacher and instructor at the acclaimed Julliard School of Music Irma Irene Justica. In this training, players learn the techniques to immediately start playing songs, with live recorded audio, variable speed MIDI keyboard tracks, and colorful MIDI accompaniments to help.

Students also receive instant feedback, with interactive evaluation of your playing, like feedback balloons that listen and signal any errors in your grades or pace. The training even comes with a digital metronome to help you set your speed, a digital recorder to save your recordings, and an animated keyboard to display color-coded keys while music is playing.

Your training progresses with Beginner guitar lessons, where students learn under the tutelage of guitarist and professional instructor Kevin Garry. After you understand the basics of guitar holding, stringing and tuning, you will quickly begin to play your first guitar chords and establish a strumming pattern.

Then you can translate this training with some subtle differences that are unique to your Ukulele Initiation Course also. Professional Ukulele Player and Instructor Tim Carey walks you through 25 interactive lessons, including how to tune and tune a ukulele, play your first chords, and easily change chords.

The beginner’s piano, guitar, and ukulele software bundle can take you from beginner to serious musician in no time. Right now, you can save almost 40% on the cost of the three training collections and turn into a qualified instrumentalist for only $ 29.99.

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