Wolfgang Van Halen on Trolling Van Halen Fan Management

Wolfgang Van Halen is very active on social networks. Unfortunately, he often deals with Van Halen fans who often troll his accounts for various reasons.

Of course, Wolfgang never has a problem fighting back and putting a troll in his place. (It’s true that it’s part of the fun to follow him on Twitter or Instagram.)

As an example, Wolfgang’s mother, Valerie Bertinelli, shared the tweet below of a photo of her son performing on stage and pointing to the sky. She captioned the image, “He’s so proud of you, Wolfie,” which, of course, is a nod to her late father, Eddie Van Halen.

This led a Twitter user to respond, “Wolfie has certainly been rude to his dad’s fans. You’re so nice and he tells people to fuck off playing his dad’s music like everyone’s just an asshole. I was such a fan, now it’s like, cra cra like everything else! So sad… like it’s not a thing, EV was daddy.

Wolfgang, in turn, quote tweeted this user and said, “It’s always the a-holes who have a problem with me saying a-holes to fuck.”

Wolfgang then explained in a thread the boring aspects of these trolls and why he doesn’t take any of their puffs.

He begins: “The thing with VH fans like this is that by ‘being nice to the fans’ they mean dealing with the unwarranted daily attacks of bitters 50+, which I don’t. just won’t do. If someone laughs at me, I’ll play a joke and / or tell them to fuck off. Treat him bro.

He continues, “Imagine your dad dying and then legions of people with him as their profile pictures tell you horrible things all the time. It’s social media for me. It’s like being a Van Halen fan for that long, they think they kind of bought some stock in my existence and can tell me how I should be living my life, how was my relationship with my dad and how. I should honor him. “

He adds, “This is fucking weird, man. I’m just here to try and have a good time, live my life, use this stupid app, and share stuff with you. I don’t have time for the bulls, so I’m going to make it something fun for me and make fun of the hollows, because they make it SO EASY. If being so available here means that people will misinterpret my intentions, take the things I am saying out of context and use them against me, and misinterpret me in general, then let it be. so be it. I know what I’m talking about and no one can change that.

Wolfgang succinctly concludes: “So basically this guy is what I’m trying to say haha.”

So what did we learn today? If you think you’re going to appear in Wolfgang Van Halen’s mentions and get away with a lack of respect, expect to be taken care of in large part.

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